Standardize the invoice process & reduce the claims lifecycle

Lauren Lee | December 5, 2017 | Articles

Litigation costs are some of the most challenging spend categories for an insurer to manage. Both the legal and claims departments must work together to strike the right balance of cost containment, high quality representation, and claims efficiency.

For ATTIC (American Trucking and Transportation Insurance Company), they lacked the tools required to achieve the perfect balance. That’s when SimpleLegal came into the picture and created a standardized invoicing process.

Lack of Process and Legal Spend Transparency

When speaking with Trevor Uffelman, General Counsel and Chief Claims Officer at ATTIC, it was clear that there was no way to effectively or efficiently track legal spend. Claim managers would approve bills, and payment followed soon after without identifying or pushing back on inappropriate charges from law firms.

As a result, ATTIC’s claim managers were losing valuable hours to the bill approval process. Plus, the organization didn’t have a good handle on their legal spend. They needed a reliable system to automate the process and reduce the burden on the claim managers, while also tracking where dollars were being allocated among multiple law firms.

Increased Efficiency and Positive Changes to Law Firm Behavior

ATTIC’s claims managers are more efficient, have more time to focus on higher priority tasks, and are able to realize better outcomes thanks to SimpleLegal’s ability to create a simplified bill receipt, review, and approval process.

From Trevor’s perspective, one of the greatest benefits of implementing SimpleLegal is the data the system collects. In addition to leveraging a wealth of metrics to challenge charges and enforce billing guidelines, Trevor is able to review the data to provide instant feedback to law firms. He can intervene before bad billing habits are developed, proactively and positively changing law firm behavior. He’s confident that every law firm ATTIC partners with has a clear understanding of the organization’s billing and performance expectations.

Learn How You Can Reduce Your Legal Spend

The biggest benefit of all was a 6% reduction in legal spend – savings achieved simply by enforcing billing guidelines and rejecting inappropriate charges. Uncover the other savings ATTIC gained by adopting SimpleLegal and learn how your legal department can drive efficiencies and reduce legal spend with modern legal operations software.