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Sample Candidate Profile for Legal Operations Professional

Hiring a legal operations professional is a significant milestone for many legal teams. It demonstrates that you’re looking to optimize outdated processes, streamline operations, and increase efficiencies both internally within your department and externally with departments across your organization and your law firms.

Uncharted territory? No problem. In our latest guide, Legal Operations 101: A Blueprint for Modern Legal Departments, we stress the uniqueness of the legal operations function in comparison to other roles within the legal department. Plus, we provide best practices for growing a legal operations team, optimizing and modernizing outdated process, and operating as efficiently as possible.

Business Person First, Legal Advisor Second

A key differentiator of a legal operations professional is their business management experience. Unlike other roles within the legal department, a law degree is not required to be successful. Instead, look for the following characteristics when hiring your first legal operations professional.

Legal Operations Job Description

To provide legal departments with a starting point for adding a new legal operations function to their team, we’ve included a sample job description for the Legal Operations Manager position below. Modify the description to your department’s needs and current team structure, and don’t forget to get your copy of Legal Operations 101 – a comprehensive guide that’s already been downloaded by more than 800 legal departments of all sizes and from all industries.

Legal Operations Manager

Mountain View, CA


We are seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our growing legal team. The position will work closely with the general counsel and business stakeholders at all levels of the company. As our legal operations manager, you will be key in creating processes and practices to improve the day-to-day efficiency and effectiveness of the legal team, facilitate change, and control costs.

This is a generalist role that involves managing and supporting projects across the full range of subject matter supported by the legal team. You must be able to adapt to changing priorities and business needs, and must be proactive in identifying areas of need and generating action plans.



Download a pdf copy of the job description

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