The simple, intelligent, scalable, and intuitive solution to manage everything that matters in legal ops.

SimpleLegal didn’t just create the world’s first legal operations platform, we perfected it. We reinvented the way legal teams achieve strategic business goals and deliver more value – all while keeping things simple.


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Choosing the right legal ops solution is as simple as using one.

Continuous product investment

You know how legal ops works best. That’s why we rely on the legal teams that use our solution to shape new features. We deliver functionality that provides immediate benefits on day one.

Configurability means scalability

Unlike providers that give all the bells and whistles, we don't want to overwhelm you with features and complexity that you don't want or need - instead, we'll be there with those options as you grow.

Commitment to keeping things simple

Simple is important to us. Simple is actually very hard to do. We like the name SimpleLegal because it reminds us to work hard to keep our platform easy to use – no matter what your legal ops maturity.

A thriving community to support you

You don’t have to go it alone. We’ve got a growing community of in-house and legal ops pros just like you. Plus, weekly trainings, webinars, customer user groups, and more.

What are you waiting for?