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Top In-House Legal Blogs to Follow

The legal operations industry is still in it's infancy, so discovering useful insights into problems within your in-house legal team can sometimes be tricky. We've scoured the internet to find the most useful resources for in-house legal teams like yours. And good news! If you're stuck on an issue you just can't seem to work out, there's a good chance someone has already solved your problem, and has written about it on the internet.

Here are 5 of our favorites - enjoy!

Above The Law

abovethelaw.com | @atlblog

What kind of articles?

AboveTheLaw.com should be a staple in your in-house blog reading. It has something for everyone. Think Buzzfeed, but with more substance. The page design makes content snackable but useful. It's water cooler content that keeps you up to speed with all the rumblings in corporate law. Expect insights into current affairs and how they may affect your team.

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inhouseblog.com | @inhouseblog

What kind of articles?

InHouseBlog.com is in many ways similar to AboveTheLaw.com, but with a greater focus on more meaningful content, highlighting new trends in corporate law. InHouseBlog.com does an excellent job drawing conclusions from industry findings and communicating them in a way that is relatable to your team. You can also find a number of useful resources including a careers board, events in your area and practical guides to improve your in-house team.

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Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

metrocorpcounsel.com | @mcclegalnews

What kind of articles?

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel has been servicing the corporate law industry for more than 20 years with leading-edge information tailored to their in-house needs. Their goal was always to help corporate law departments serve their clients more efficiently and effectively, and with the content they've produced over the years, they haven't disappointed. The Metro Corp blog is packed full of useful case studies from corporate law teams across a wide range of industries guaranteed to inspire and drive your team forward.

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In-House Cafe

inhousecafeblog.com | @inhousecafeblog

What kind of articles?

InHouseCafeBlog.com is a no-frills stream of current affairs in the corporate legal world. They host regular webinars on trending topics such as cyber security, the 2016 Presidential election, and immigration. For a more interactive experience, tune in from time to time to make sure you're ahead of the curb.

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Ten Things You Need To Know As In-House Counsel

sterlingmiller2014.wordpress.com | @10ThingsLegal

What kind of articles?

As the name suggests, Sterling Miller breaks down complex and nuanced in-house legal issues into short lists with actionable steps. Sterling has been around for over twenty years, so though his website isn't exactly Web 2.0, his content is cutting edge.

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