30 top legal blogs to follow

Lauren Lee | December 5, 2019 | Articles

When you’re scouring the net for a sector-specific legal resource, or for trustworthy insights into the latest legal developments, the sheer array of law blogs on offer can seem overwhelming.

That doesn’t change the fact that there has never been more great content targeted toward legal professionals on the web. Everyone, from in-house operations to intellectual property specialists to criminal lawyers, is well-accounted for. To save you some time, we’ve put together a list of 30 top legal blogs that you need to follow, neatly separated by sector.

Top in-house blogs

Finding the right resources as a corporate counsel professional can be tricky — here are the best blogs for an in-house legal team like yours.

Above the Law
Above the Law remains the go-to option when it comes to in-house blog reading. They run a neatly designed site with well-contextualized material that’s comprehensive across the legal landscape.

Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel
Sterling Miller is still going strong after all these years, and his blog is one of the best — he has an excellent way of breaking down complex topics into simple, actionable insights and couches it all in an engaging and accessible literary style.

ACC Docket
This comprehensive resource covers stories in categories including ethics & compliance, litigation, law department management, technology, human resources, and careers in legal. Back issues of their online magazine, Digital Docket, are archived on the site. With columns such as Learn Your World, which explores country-specific facts and opinion columns such as My Take, the magazine has something to peak everyone’s interest.

The evergreen InhouseBlog focuses on the latest industry findings and what they mean for in-house legal teams. Like a lot of the best legal blogs, they also run a mantle of additional legal resources that in-house legal professionals will find useful.

In-House Ops
Published by Law Business Media, this blog boasts an impressive 25-year tenure in the legal industry. In-House Ops partners with corporate law department leaders from around the world and elite law firms to create high-quality informational content. Count on them for articles about law department administration, career development, and in-house legal technology.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
If you’re in the corporate law space and find yourself hunkering for a high-quality case study or two, then the MCC is your place. They tailor all of their output to best addressing the needs of in-house counsel, so you’re guaranteed to find their content helpful and inspiring.

Legal Operations Blogs

While the legal operations industry is still young, it’s a growing function of in-house teams. In recent years, a wealth of content in the legal operations space has become available. One of our favorites is:

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) blog is great for catching up on best practices in legal operations. They publish high-end content at a good frequency, and their site is chock-full of choice auxiliaries too, including conference information and year-end reports.

Top legal technology blogs

Technology never stops evolving. Legal professionals that fail to stay up-to-date on the latest in legal tech will miss out on incredible tools and powerful solutions that can support their work. The following blogs take care of the heavy-lifting by investigating, reviewing, and reporting on noteworthy innovations.

You may recognize the founder of this blog, Robert Ambrogi, from his work as a columnist for Above the Law and the ABA Journal. LawSites focuses specifically on legal technology and offers insights into new legal tech products and websites. Don’t forget to tune into LawNext, the accompanying podcast that features innovators and entrepreneurs in the legal industry on each week’s episode.

Law Technology Today
This blog is published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) and strives to provide guidance on how to leverage legal technology in a variety of legal practice settings. Look to them for quick legal tech tips, case studies, and a wide range of recommended resources including books, videos, and podcasts.

Although the the ABA TECHSHOW only happens once a year, the blog is updated frequently. The site features guest authors that provide news and tips about everything from social media marketing for legal professionals to managing cybersecurity and data privacy.

Top legal news blogs

Whether you want to do research for an upcoming case, dig into in-depth legal analytics pieces, or discover upcoming legal industry events, legal news blogs can simplify your search. Check out these go-to legal news blogs whose curated content will keep you abreast of all these legal.

Think of Law.com as your all-inclusive legal newspaper. Here you can find trending legal stories, the LegalSpeak podcast, and press releases. Plus, you can access useful tools such as their verdict search, legal dictionary, and legal communities directory.

Legal Desire
Legal Desire is a beautifully designed website with a full range of legal news split into in-house and law firm, deals, and analysis sections. It’s also a great resource for those interested in networking with the greater legal community, offering a frequently updated list of legal events to attend. There’s even a section dedicated to job listings if you’re looking for a new opportunity!

Legal Reader
Legal Reader is a legal news blog with an uncompromising ethos. They focus on the protection of consumers from corporate malpractice, making them an excellent resource for legal news junkies and corporate law specialists alike.

Top business law blogs

Business law is a broad category that encompasses both public and private law. Blogs in this space cover topics such as small business law, intellectual property, contract negotiations, and more. Take a look at these popular business law blogs, each of which has their own speciality.

Illinois Business Law Journal
The IBLJ is an “independent peer-reviewed, student publication of the University of Illinois College of Law,” and their blog specializes in the intersection of business and law. They publish content in quarterly clusters, and because part of their stated aim is “to give authors a creative and analytical outlet for legal areas that interest them,” their work is often highly unique and passionately thorough.

Strictly Business
If you deal with the tech and startup space, then Strictly Business could well be the perfect blog for you. Edited by Alexander J. Davie, an attorney at Riggs Davie PLC based in Nashville, Tennessee, the blog deals comprehensively with the entrepreneurial, startup, venture capital, and private fund space.

Law 4 Small Business
Small business law is impressively well-accounted for in the blogosphere, and Law 4 Small Business is one of the very best outlets of its kind. If you deal with small businesses, this blog is a must, offering from-the-field reports on the latest small business cases.

The IP Law Blog
A must for legal professionals specializing in IP (intellectual property), The IP Law Blog provides deeper insights into developments in patent, copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property-related areas.

Top criminal law blogs

Criminal law cases may dominate generate newspaper headlines, but finding insightful content written by and for legal professionals can be difficult. These top blogs tackle topics such as state versus federal criminal law, precedent-setting verdicts, and moral debates.

The Crime Report
The criminal justice resource of choice, The Crime Report is non-partisan, and their hugely prolific rate of output (50+ articles a week) gives them more of a magazine-type air than just another blog. They boast a comprehensive sweep of subject areas, from policing to drug law, hate crimes, and wrongful convictions.

Crime & Consequences Blog
A justified complaint you often hear from criminal law specialists is that most high-quality online content tends to be defense-oriented. That’s what makes Crime & Consequences so easy to recommend. They’re perhaps the best non-defense-oriented legal blog on the internet, offering a balanced content diet from both sides of the legal equation.

The Volokh Conspiracy
Staffed mainly by law professors, The Volokh Conspiracy is an immensely readable and sometimes controversial blog analyzing the full gamut of U.S. criminal law.

Top law firm blogs

While many law firm blogs focus on their own announcements and legal specialties, others offer an impressive collection of content. On these top law firm blogs, you can discover educated opinion pieces, legal research materials, and even trending news.

Kirkland & Ellis
As one of the most internationally respected law firms, Kirkland & Ellis operates a stylishly designed blog with a highly functional search interface. Their content is snackable in length and ordered according to “trending topics” — you can find good quality stuff on everything from cybercrime to economic sanctions and tax reform here.

Latham & Watkins
It seems inaccurate to say that Latham & Watkins runs a blog when, in fact, they run a whole matrix of subject- and sector-specific legal blogs on their site. From Middle East developments to environmental law to fintech topics, L&W has an article for it all, making them an excellent one-stop-shop when you’re hunting for legal resources.

If you’re working on a slightly smaller scale, then MyShingle could be a great option for a law firm blog. They’re the most comprehensive online resource for smaller firms and independent legal professionals.

Top online legal magazines

Legal magazines are a little different from regular legal blogs. They’re likely to be flat-out larger and more comprehensive in scale, featuring a wider cast of writers and offering the kind of editorial variety you might associate with a traditional magazine as opposed to the narrower focus of blogs. You’ll also find a wider range of content types on them, from short-form articles to in-depth features.

ABA Journal
The flagship magazine of the American Bar Association, the ABA Journal is predictably high-quality and offers a comprehensive overview of the American legal landscape.

Vanguard Law Magazine
This global resource provides insights into legal philosophy by corporate counsel based in regions such as North America, Europe, and South America. Here you will find diverse stories highlighting women, international legal professionals, and the LGBTQ legal community. Vanguard Law Magazine is known for their insightful features of legal professionals representing a variety of specialities.

Lawyer Monthly
A robust resource, Lawyer Monthly features plenty of legal news and sector insights. Their online content is categorized by practice area and region and is updated constantly throughout the day so you can trust that you are receiving truly up-to-date information.

Attorney at Law Magazine
If you’re a private practice attorney, then the Attorney at Law Magazine is the legal publication for you. Here you will find legal marketing and practice management advice, attorney Q&As, legal news, and local events.

Artificial Lawyer
Artificial Lawyer’s focus is on changing the business of law through people process and technology. Artificial Lawyer also maintains the AL 100 Legal Tech Directory and the AL Legal Tech Education Guide.

Legal blogs to meet every need

There are legal blogs out there that cater to every kind of law professional and legal situation — whether you just want to brush up on the newest developments in your field or dive deep into a specific issue, there’s a blog to answer the call.

And while you’re sussing out which of our top 30 blogs are right for you, why not subscribe to the SimpleLegal blog for all the latest and greatest in legal operations including industry trends, thought leadership pieces from legal ops professionals, and legal technology.

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