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The Leading Platform for Legal Operations Management

Automate your legal operations process to save time and reduce errors. Move beyond traditional ELM solutions that aren't a natural fit for your business. Our platform fits your legal operations, not the other way around.

Financial Management

Fiscal responsibility is a top priority, but you can't maintain financial health if you lack visibility into spend. Our platform gives you end-to-end control of how your legal department manages invoices, budgets, accruals, and more.

Matter Management

There’s a lot of information tied to a matter – people, dates, events, and spend. SimpleLegal is the ultimate system of record, tracking what's most important while reducing clutter, enabling smarter collaboration with law firms, and bringing clarity to the matter lifecycle.

Reporting & Analytics

Effortlessly get an overview of spend, measure the performance of your legal team and outside counsel, and more. SimpleLegal stores all relevant data and makes it available so making data-driven decisions is easy!

Vendor Management

Choosing a law firm to partner with is as important as recruiting for your team. SimpleLegal leverages data to objectively evaluate law firm performance and quality. Plus, our vendor portal, CounselGO, simplifies processes for invoicing and matter management.

Knowledge Management

Improve the way your team creates, shares, and finds information. By connecting you to the right people and surfacing relevant information when it matters, lawyers gain quicker access to key intel to boost productivity and make better decisions.

API & Integrations

The accuracy and flow of data are critical to an efficient legal operations function. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes, reduce errors, and keep your team productive by connecting your other applications to the SimpleLegal platform.

Gain a partner for long-term success

We strive to build modern legal technology that’s continually adapting to the needs of legal operations professionals. Rely on our team to provide support even after we’ve implemented SimpleLegal for your business. Whether it’s answering questions or providing assistance when new features are released, we’re here to help you create an efficient and modern legal operations process.
“SimpleLegal is easy-to-use and intuitive. It solves a real need for our legal department and has helped us be a better business partner.”
- Megan Scolari, Legal Operations Manager, AdRoll Group

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