e-Billing, Legal Spend, and Matter Management.

See the bigger picture

SimpleLegal's intuitive and customized interface only displays the information relevant to your in-house legal department, making it easy to get a true understanding of your legal spend. With better insight, managing your legal operations process has never been easier.

Get a clear view of your business

Your in-house legal department will always know exactly where every dollar is being spent. Whether you want a high level summary or to dive into the details, you'll have the data you need to make informed decisions around budget and headcount.

Take back hours of your day

Stop spending time manually reviewing invoices against billing guidelines, running reports, or collecting unbilled estimates. SimpleLegal automates time consuming manual processes so you can get back to what's most important – protecting your organization.

Streamline your entire legal operations process

SimpleLegal's modern legal operations platform supports your current workflows, connecting with the tools you know and love. Be confident that accurate information is being passed and updated in the right systems, and create a fully integrated process that doesn't just benefit your corporate legal department, but your entire organization.

Make life easier for your vendors

Keep outside counsel involved and productive with CounselGO, our vendor portal that makes it easy to submit invoices, track payment status, provide accruals estimates, and more. In fact, 96% of top law firms already submit invoices via CounselGO!

Gain a partner for long-term success

We strive to build modern legal technology that’s continually adapting to the needs of legal operations professionals. Rely on our team to provide support even after we’ve implemented SimpleLegal for your business. Whether it’s answering questions or providing assistance when new features are released, we’re here to help you create an efficient and modern legal operations process.
"Implementing SimpleLegal had immediate cost savings for us. It was by far the easiest decision I made in my first few months as general counsel."

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