Vendor management

Use data to evaluate how vendors are completing work to make better sourcing decisions. Streamline your engagement with vendors and identify issues and trends to provide immediate feedback and align on expectations.

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Build meaningful partnerships that deliver value

Simplify vendor engagement with intuitive e-Billing, automated accruals, budgets, and more. SimpleLegal provides the necessary tools to work more collaboratively with vendors and ensure short- and long-term success.

Gain visibility into vendors & performance

Collect and evaluate feedback on law firms and vendors to quickly understand performance, and know which consistently meet expectations. With all information organized in a single repository, it is easy to manage and compare across vendors.

Find success and replicate

Initiate data-driven conversations with your law firms when issues are identified and align on what success means. Staff matters and re-allocate work to vendors that have demonstrated a proven ability to deliver work on time, within budget, and with the best outcomes.

Intuitive portal for error-free invoice submission by your vendors

World-class, dedicated support for your vendors

Unified global view of vendors

Collect data and track diversity of your law firms

Compare law firm rates and performance and refine who you work with

Automatically enforce billing guidelines, discounts, and AFAs

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Manage matter and billing processes, predictably forecast and budget, and enhance alignment with your law firms and partners – all from the industry’s most intuitive and modern legal operations platform. We’re all about making your work life easier.

Matter management

Spend management

Vendor management

Knowledge management

Reporting & analytics


Simplify the way you work

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