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Eliminate Double Billing with SimpleLegal

In my experience in litigation management, I have seen almost every possible way that a law firm over bills their clients, though new ways seem to pop up everyday. Usually, excessive billing isn’t malicious. It’s just the result of a broken system and the tremendous pressure put on big law attorneys and staff.

In one instance, a legal assistant was billing two and a half times their actual time!

How is 2.5x not malicious? Well, the staff member was just doing their job and logging their activities for the day.

Solving the Overbilling Problem

The problem is that he was using quarter hour billing increments for straightforward tasks that required minimal time. The difference between .25 hours and .1 hours sounds trivial. But that’s 2.5x the appropriate charge. In that case, the bill was double the actual time spent on legal work.

How do you know if you’re getting over-billed this way?

Scan through your bill and look for timekeepers with charges of .25 hours rather than .1 hours. Or, if you’d rather focus on running your business, check us out. We’ll monitor your legal spend to make sure you’re not overpaying.

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