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David Chai | September 20, 2019 | Articles

Receiving and reviewing invoices is a mundane and tedious task nearly every legal department faces each day. It can be frustrating when an invoice approval is stalled and you have no idea why, or when an invoice comes into your queue without any context as to why you’re a part of the approval. What’s even worse is when invoices are routed incorrectly, wasting your time and slowing down approvals. 

SimpleLegal’s latest invoice approval workflow update addresses these issues and provides the ability to set up invoice approval routes that support and align with your compliance requirements.

SimpleLegal Invoice Approval

Greater Efficiency…

This update brings more efficiency to the invoice approval process, helping to better manage long lists of invoices and complex approval requirements with support for approvals by teams of approvers. You can create standard teams that can be used on a regular basis, as well as create one-off groups for exceptions, allowing you to share the responsibility of invoice approvals when only one team member needs to approve the invoice. Making edits to approval routes and other actions are also much quicker thanks to a new interface, and edits are made in real-time.

SimpleLegal Invoice Review

…and Control for Administrators

SimpleLegal administrators also gain more control with the ability to place invoice approvals on hold. If there’s an issue with an invoice and more clarity from the vendor is needed, admins can now place that invoice on hold so no other approvers can approve it until the issue is settled. 

This update also has improved integration with our Intelligent Invoice Workflow feature, allowing invoices that have been auto-rejected by workflow rules to be unrejected and placed back into the invoice approval queue by admins. This eliminates the need to ask your law firms to resubmit the invoice, saving you and your law firm’s time. If invoices are rejected by a team member, by default, they will now be sent directly back to the vendor contact who submitted it, instead of the vendor account’s main point of contact, removing unnecessary steps (and people) in getting invoices corrected.

SimpleLegal Invoice

I’m Here Because?

Have you ever wondered why you were added to an invoice as an approver? SimpleLegal’s updated invoice approval workflow has a helpful new “Why Am I Here?” feature that answers that exact question! Not only can you find out why you were added as an approver to an invoice, you can also see why other approvers were added as well. This is especially helpful for admins to understand why a particular person is still on an invoice in the event that he or she was removed from the matter that’s tied to it.

SimpleLegal Invoice Approval

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