10% legal spend savings for Instacart is just the beginning

Lauren Lee | May 29, 2019 | Articles

Having worked with other legacy systems for e-Billing and matter management, the legal team at Instacart knew they needed a more modern solution to replace their highly manual invoicing process. They were losing valuable time to repetitive tasks caused by a lack of operational rigor and visibility into their legal spend.

What Caught Instacart’s Attention

Knowing that usability is key to adoption of legal technology by both in-house and outside counsel, Instacart wanted a simple, yet robust legal operations solution that differed from the clunky legal systems used at previous companies.

So, what caught Instacart’s (like many other SimpleLegal users) attention?:

  • Modern and intuitive UI
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box reports and dashboards
  • Advanced invoice routing for reviews and approvals
  • Collaboration functionality

Instacart Immediately Realizes 10% in Legal Spend Savings

By implementing SimpleLegal, Instacart was able to bring order and automation to a messy, manual invoicing process. Being able to pinpoint spend with specific vendors and route those invoices to the correct approver allowed Instacart to pushback against incorrect charges, saving 10% in legal spend.

Read the full case study to learn the other benefits Instacart’s legal team gained by adopting the SimpleLegal Legal Operations Platform.

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