Set your legal department up for success with a foundational billing process

Lauren Lee | May 10, 2018 | Articles

Having a legal e-Billing and matter management system to track and analyze invoices from outside counsel is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for legal departments of all sizes. The challenge faced by many is finding a solution that offers a comprehensive set of features, but doesn’t introduce so much complexity that the solution becomes difficult to use and adopt.

Without a current solution, KidKraft found themselves in search of one that was intuitive and would meet the needs of their legal department. That’s when they found SimpleLegal.

Lost Time Due to Outdated and Manual Invoicing

In our conversations with Jonathan Hawkins (General Counsel) and Brandy Musick (Senior Paralegal), a foundational billing processes was needed to support the growing department and organization. The team was unable to focus on more strategic initiatives because their time was being spent on:

  • Paper invoice management
  • Manual legal operations processes
  • Laboriously looking up historical information
  • Lengthy conversations to dispute a line item

These issues were further exacerbated by the number of global law firms that KidKraft works with on a regular basis. The department needed SimpleLegal to act as their system of record so they could understand and better manage their legal spend.

Time Savings, Transparency, and Efficient Billing

Introducing automation to KidKraft’s billing process has saved the legal department significant time and eliminated any confusion about how spend is being allocated among their law firms. The invoice data collected by SimpleLegal is leveraged to run reports for internal budgeting and to evaluate vendor performance to ensure they’re getting the most value from each law firm they work with.

See how easy it is to view the most important aspects of your legal spend with SimpleLegal’s platform for yourself!

In addition to modernizing their operational processes, one of the biggest benefits for KidKraft is the system’s ease of use, especially in comparison to its legacy counterparts. SimpleLegal lived up to the recommendations from general counsel attending the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Conference as being intuitive, easy-to-use, and good value for the cost.

You can read the full case study here.