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Founder & CEO

The SimpleLegal Story

The Beginning

Although we officially launched SimpleLegal in early 2013, we've actually been around for over a decade. Our journey in legal billing began in litigation management departments for insurance companies, financial institutions, and other large companies with large legal bills. Our professional services firm was hired to make sense of all the legal billing data generated by a clients' law firms. And let me tell you, insurance companies have a lot of legal bills!

Simple by Design

We chose our name because we believe the concept of Simple is part of who we are.

Simple is important to us. Simple is actually very hard to do. We like the name SimpleLegal because it reminds us to work hard to keep the system Simple.

  • See your dashboard
  • See your invoices
  • Manage your matters
  • Manage your users

The Lightbulb Moments

There was no single "Aha Moment" to create SimpleLegal. It was a growing desire that built up over time to create a platform that could fix the inherent shortcomings in the current eBilling ecosystem.

It started when we saw the existing software tools. They worked, but they were just far too cumbersome. One customer likes to use the term "clunky" to describe their former solution. In the Facebook Era, enterprise software shouldn't be clunky.

Then law firms told us that they didn't like eBilling software. To them, it's just one more time-consuming process that has nothing to do with actually taking care of their clients. We want law firms to like our software. We built SimpleLegal to be Simple for law firms, too. If they can send an email, your law firm is already trained on SimpleLegal!

Lastly, we saw how much effort customers went through to get setup on a new legal e Billing program. We believe Software as a Service is fundamentally different than traditional enterprise software. SaaS isn't just about "no software installation required." After all, what good is "no installation" if configuring the application is still a pain in the ass? User setup, law firm registration, and the seemingly endless list of options are the problem. We make that easy with intelligent defaults and intelligent use of data. Nearly all the information you need to get setup is already in the invoice! Don't overcomplicate it.