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Matter Management vs. Case Management

Matter Management (also referred to as Legal Matter Management) is the process in which matters and related data such as type of legal work, attorneys on the case, budgets, and invoices are gathered, tracked, and reported on by the legal department throughout the matter lifecycle. Think about a matter like a project; a way to categorize your expenses and better understand where your money is going.

Are Matter Management and Case Management the Same?

Matter management and case management are often used synonymously, but are the two really the same? Yes and no.

Matter Management vs. Case Management

Case management is typically leveraged by attorneys who work on large-scale, document-intensive litigation. When handling these types of litigation (common in class action and mass tort cases) teams of attorneys from a number of law firms must work together to manage an enormous volume of paper and electronic documents. To better track and manage these documents, a dedicated case management system can bring organization to the process.

Matter management tends to be more comprehensive than case management, and refers to the many activities involved in managing every aspect of corporate legal practice, both internal and external legal work. As a result, matter management software is more robust, providing functionality beyond the key document storage capabilities of case management. It allows users to create and open a matter, assign attorneys and timekeepers to matters, and report on who worked on what matters and for how long, to name a few. This arms legal departments with the key insights needed to help the business achieve its strategic objectives.

Legal Operations Software for Matter Management

Both case and matter management systems can be customized to work in the law firm and corporate counsel environments. Selecting a system will ultimately depend on how much customization is needed for your specific team.

However, for in-house teams, adopting a legal operations platform for matter management is a requirement to succeed in today’s data-driven landscape. A solution like SimpleLegal simplifies the way in-house departments operate and complete their day-to-day tasks, while promoting collaboration and efficiency. But even more, it brings consistency to how legal tracks the impact, complexity, practice area, matter attributes, documents, tasks, providers, and people related to internal and external matters, as well as the spend associated, for total visibility into the matter lifecycle.

Think it’s time to adopt a matter management solution? Discuss your needs and goals with a SimpleLegal matter management expert by reaching out and scheduling a demo.