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Managing the Relationship Between Legal and Technology

Yesterday, we attended the EvolveLaw Tech Savvy In-House Counsel event with a group of legal thought leaders looking to dive deeper into how in-house counsel and legal operations are using technology and partnering with outside counsel for stronger relationships and outcomes. Here’s a quick recap of the event.

The Success of Legal Solutions Hinge on Implementation as Much as the Software Itself

SimpleLegal Head of Customer Experience, Tina Fan, kicked off the event with a talk on technology implementation best practices. Regardless of company size or the type of technology being implemented, Tina highlighted the following requirements for a successful implementation:

Panel Discussion on All Things Legal Operations and Technology

Tina’s talk was followed by a panel of legal industry innovators: Stephanie Corey from UpLevel Ops, Dan Ralls from Zap Labs, Joel Benavides from Box, and led by moderator Monica Zent from Foxwordy. Legal technology and operations were definitely a theme throughout the panel discussion.

Legal Operations Isn’t Just for the Big Guys

The legal operations function has traditionally been reserved for legal teams of 50+. Stephanie pointed out that it’s becoming more common for GCs of smaller teams, and even solo GCs, to add a legal operations role today. Or, at the very least, to start thinking about how legal operations will integrate into their department and processes.

A few reasons teams often consider embracing the role of legal operations:

It’s Not Just about Technology, but How You Use Technology to Measure Success

There was a consensus that technology is helpful, but only when you have a clear understanding of the goals it’s going to help achieve. When you’re spending money on technology and resources, you have to use metrics to measure overall ROI and effectiveness. Legal e-Billing software was highlighted as a baseline system, no matter what your spend is, to understand what you’re spending and where you can make investments in other areas.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, check out this quick 20 minute podcast from our CEO, Nathan Wenzel, who discusses best practices for collecting and leveraging technology in the legal department.

Change Management is a Key Pain Point In-House Must Overcome

Culture is a key factor in overcoming the adoption of new technologies – and this isn’t just for new legal technologies, but for technologies that a legal team uses on an everyday basis. A few tips for helping with the transition and ensuring success:

Additional Takeaways

Throughout the evening, there were a few other takeaways related to technology and how it impacts corporate legal teams:

Want to join the next EvolveLaw event? Check out their events page and stay on top of evolution taking place in the legal industry!

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