SimpleLegal CEO talks legal ops & the future of legal tech on the Evolve Law Podcast

Lauren Lee | July 18, 2018 | Articles

Our CEO, Nathan Wenzel, joined host and founder of QuantumJurist, Inc., Ian Connett, on the Evolve Law Podcast to talk all things legal operations.

In addition to sharing a little background on SimpleLegal, Nathan talks about the company’s focus on helping in-house legal departments simplify the challenging task of how to manage a complex department through technology and streamlined legal ops.

Listen here to see how SimpleLegal is helping legal departments emerge as legal protectors and business partners to their organizations, as well as:

  • What AI means in the legal technology industry
  • The growing VC interest in legal tech and whether or not the market is oversaturated
  • Advice to entrepreneurs interested in joining the legal tech movement

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