Big law, big bill. For now.

Nathan Wenzel | January 6, 2016 | Articles

Controlling the Chaos

SimpleLegal is the easiest way for a company to understand and reduce their legal spend.

Instead of piles of paper or emailed PDFs, we offer one place to receive, review, and pay your legal bills. We make it simple to understand your legal spend, all on one page. So, instead of flipping through pages of bills to try to piece together what you’re paying for, you can easily understand how much you’re paying, who you’re paying, and what they’re doing.

Reducing Costs

Our legal operations management software has e-Billing capabilities to read legal bills and understand what lawyers are actually doing.

Have you ever looked at your legal bills? Sometimes, lawyers charge for things that just don’t seem to be worth $700/hr. Our application can monitor legal activities to identify when you’re being charged for something you just shouldn’t pay.

Easy for Law Firms, Easy for You

Law firms like what we do because they don’t have to learn some new complex invoice submission process. We accept any LEDES format invoice. They can submit invoices via email. Our application reads the attachment and loads the data automatically.

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