More control & efficiency for modern legal teams

David Chai | October 23, 2019 | Articles

One of the main benefits of modern legal technology is being able to implement and scale processes that help the legal team stay more efficient and productive. With its latest product update, SimpleLegal is transforming the way legal teams approach their work and solve problems, and provide more control and efficiency for legal operations and in-house counsel.

Document Management Integrations: Box and iManage

SimpleLegal and Box Integration

(Box Integration Shown)


The amount of important documents that flow into a legal department is astounding, and being able to properly organize and manage these documents become a critical piece to the success of the department. SimpleLegal is happy to announce that customers will now have the option to integrate with their existing Box or iManage system, and bring workspaces directly into SimpleLegal’s matter screens.

iManage Integration Screenshot

(iManage Integration Shown)

These integrations:

  • Help to remove unnecessary administrative work, such as uploading documents to multiple systems then manually managing versions.
  • Saves time by removing the need to bounce from system to system to find what you’re looking for. With an integration, everything will be in one central location (SimpleLegal) and searches will look for files in both systems.
  • Assists in maintaining the accuracy of your database. You can leverage Box or iManage’s version control so your legal team no longer has to wonder if they have the right version of a file in SimpleLegal.

Outlook Integration

Outlook Add-in screenshow

(Outlook Add-In Shown)


Many in-house attorneys call Outlook their second home and our new Outlook add-in helps them stay more productive. SimpleLegal’s Outlook add-in provides a seamless way to save important emails (subject and content) and attachments to matters in SimpleLegal without ever having to leave the Outlook client! This saves time and boosts productivity, and ensures everybody involved in a matter has access to the same knowledge in order to stay aligned. Our add-in works conveniently on both desktop and web-based Outlook clients, and won’t have any impact to Outlook’s performance.

Matter Reviews

Matter Reviews Screenshot

(Matter Reviews Shown)


Ever come across a matter and think to yourself, “How did this ever become a matter?” as you ponder how to fix it in frustration? Whether due to an unapproved law firm being assigned or allocation discrepancies, there are many reasons why an approval workflow for matters make a lot of sense. SimpleLegal’s new matter reviews functionality allow customers to configure workflow rules that add approvers to a matter when rules are violated. Matter reviews help legal teams:

  • Save time by ensuring matters are configured properly before publishing them, removing the need to close and re-create misconfigured matters.
  • Enforce business rules by providing a way to get sign-off for certain types of matters, such as when the estimated spend for a matter exceeds a threshold.
  • Mitigate unnecessary risk by providing another financial control to leverage.

These new features are currently available to SimpleLegal customers. You can click on one of the datasheets below for more information, or schedule a personalized demo to see them in action.