The intelligent way to manage, automate, & control your invoice process

David Chai | October 22, 2018 | Articles

Developing billing guidelines is an important step towards ensuring your department is fiscally responsible and that unique business processes are being followed both internally and externally. You want to make sure invoices from your legal vendors are up to your standards and in-house counsel can quickly review them. But with the solutions available today, you’re often forced to accept subpar enforcement with limited options when violations occur.

That’s why we’ve reinvented the invoice review and approval process. Our latest feature, Intelligent Invoice Workflow, uses configurable rules to programmatically enforce complex alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), billing guidelines, vendor discounts, invoice approval routing, and more.

These rules allow SimpleLegal to enforce a broader set of criteria and provides more options when violations occur. You have the ability to adjust invoices automatically, as well as flag and reject them, enabling attorneys and other legal staff to spend less time manually reviewing invoices, and more time focused on high-value legal work.

With Intelligent Invoice Workflow, users can:

Reduce Costs: Catch billing errors early to prevent overpayment

Save Time: Speed up invoice review for attorneys so they can focus on high-value legal work

Limit Errors: Mitigate costly errors by automating invoice review and approval routing

Maximize Resources: Increase departmental productivity by leveraging automation and streamlined workflows

Enforce Process: Ensure business processes are strictly followed by internal and external stakeholders

Quantify the Value of Initiatives: Easily demonstrate your direct impact on department savings through comprehensive reports and analytics

‍If you currently don’t have billing guidelines, SimpleLegal has you covered! We provide a set of default rules that follow industry best practices, with the option to add your own custom rules! You can learn more about billing guidelines best practices by downloading your copy of our Ultimate Guide to Effective and Enforceable Billing Guidelines.