6 reasons GCs are modernizing their legal departments…with SimpleLegal.

David Chai | January 10, 2017 | Articles

Switching out any enterprise software or homegrown solution can be a nightmare. Even making the decision to embrace legal technology can be a difficult task for an organization that has been filing paper invoices and legal documents for some time. Yes, you want your legal team to be efficient. But, the last legal software implementation you went through added 10 years to your life, and you’re not about to give up another decade.

Here are 6 reasons why legal departments are making the switch… We’ve even let some of our customers chime in on their thoughts (anonymously, of course).‍

1. Usability

SimpleLegal is user friendly and intuitive. The product is incredibly easy to navigate, even with little to no training. Our interface is elegant – something that legacy solutions are not.

“There are so many things I like about SimpleLegal. To start, their user interface is super easy to use and very intuitive. There’s not much training, if any at all, to get my team up and running using this eBilling tool.”‍

2. Highly Configurable

SimpleLegal is robust and highly configurable. We’re a web-based tool that can be customized to fit your business needs, not the other way around. Whether you want every feature under the sun, or just the basics, we make sure our product delivers. Don’t care about budgets? Not a problem, we’ll remove that functionality. Need custom features to better categorize your invoices? Sure thing! Have a specific report you need for your CFO? We will build one for you.

“The experience with this solution has been great. I like the clutter free interface it has.”‍

3. Adoptable

How is your legal operations platform going to deliver when your attorneys hate using it? Does it take hours or even days to pull the reports you need from the system? Is the interface so outdated and difficult to navigate that everyone is purposefully tiptoeing around it? Users adopt and take advantage of software they see value in and can use without pulling out their hair. Users like SimpleLegal. Law firms like SimpleLegal.

“Really great. I really love this platform – makes my life so much easier and very seamless!”

4‍. Price

We do not dole out yearly price hikes. Instead, we believe that price should only go up when value is being added, not because we’ve been in business with each other for more than a year. We’re transparent with our pricing, and there are no hidden fees. Also, modern software has less overhead, and the less we spend on the application itself, the more we can spend on support for our customers and their firms. Not to mention you’ll experience positive ROI in no time.

“Implementing SimpleLegal took days, not months, and had immediate cost savings for us. It was by far the easiest decision I made in my first few months as general counsel.”

5. Support

I touched on it above – support is extremely important to us. We have a dedicated customer success manager for all customers, regardless of the size of their legal team, as well as in-app help chat. Our support team doesn’t respond to requests or issues in days or weeks, but instead makes sure that your problems are addressed within minutes or hours. We learn your business, we’re a resource for best practices, and we listen to your feedback to help make our product better. We have the best customer support you will ever receive. Ever. Did we peak your interest? Check out a post that dives deeper into this topic, from our VP of Customer Experience.

“Perhaps what I like best is SimpleLegal’s ability to take customer feedback/recommendations and implement it into the tool.”

‍“SimpleLegal is an awesome tool and their customer support is second to none.”‍

6. Future Vision

And last but not least, we’re growing with you. Companies are making substantial changes to move themselves into the 21st century. Analytics and reporting have become top priorities within all departments. We make it easy for you to have the legal data you need at the tips of your fingers. That’s why we we’re so happy to hear that the General Counsel at one of our companies was told by his finance team that he had the most efficiently run department in the whole company.

“This is a great product that has saved me a lot of administrative work and improved our insights into legal spend.”‍

We Want to Do the Same for You

Even if you just want to get a feel for what other legal technologies are out there, contact us and schedule a demo. You won’t regret it.