We’re taking customers from the competition

Lauren Lee | October 12, 2017 | Articles

The legal field is dominated by giants including Legal Tracker (formerly Serengeti) offered by Thomson Reuters, CounselLink offered by LexisNexis, and TeamConnect offered by Mitratech. We might be new(er) to the playing field, but we’re taking more and more customers away from ‘the big guys’.

Our success boils down to who we are as a company. We launched SimpleLegal in 2013 with one thing in mind. To keep things simple – for our customers and any internal teams that use the system, whether it’s an accountant in finance or a representative in HR. Simple isn’t easy to do, but we strive to keep things simple because it provides the best results.

4 Reasons Why Customers Switch and Stay with SimpleLegal

In speaking with prospective and current customers, these are the top four reasons in-house legal departments switch to and stay with SimpleLegal.

  1. A truly modern solution that’s easy to use. Without technology, you can’t have the important business conversations that help you understand what’s working and what isn’t. But, not all technology is built the same. Technology that’s over-complicated makes it near impossible to extract the right data and pinpoint what’s moving the needle. A customer who used a legacy competitor’s software shared that her legal team rarely used the features available because the effort to explore and learn them was too difficult. We configure each instance of SimpleLegal to each customer. By displaying only the information and fields that are most relevant to your legal team, your activities in the platform are more streamlined. You’re saving time right away.
  2. Reliable and straightforward reporting functionality. In legal, spend data is extremely important because it provides a baseline. Until you know what you’re spending, whether it’s $1M, $20M, or $200M, how can you analyze and justify making investments in other areas? The right legal spend and matter management software gives you the tools to report on key metrics that help you understand the bigger picture and predict costs for the future. Reporting in legacy systems has been described as “clunky”, confusing, frustrating, and one of our customers went so far to say, “We took one look at reporting in [our previous solution] and gave up.” SimpleLegal has a native reporting engine that reads your invoices and spins the rich data within them into valuable reports. You have quick and easy access to the reports you need, when you need them. Nothing frustrating about it.
  3. Software for law firms, too. Our commitment to keeping things simple extends to law firms that use our system. We want to give law firms a positive experience and make it easier for them to support the clients we share. One law firm told us that they just used CounselGO, our vendor portal, for the first time and successfully loaded two invoices for a client. He described his experience with CounselGO as “fantastically easy to use compared to Serengeti (Legal Tracker) and CounselLink”. It’s comments like this that validate the reasons why we created SimpleLegal in the first place. Plus, there’s no better motivation than positive feedback from our users.
  4. Our team; we partner with you for success. SaaS isn’t just about software. It’s very much about the people behind the software. At SimpleLegal, we strive to create a place where our team can have an impact and create value for customers. Not only does this enable our people to create a complete and fulfilling life for themselves, it’s a benefit for our customers. We’ve built a team that’s dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. And we know software isn’t something you can “set and forget”. Our support team is always available to answer questions and more importantly, share new functionality and best practices so you’re always getting the most value out of your investment. Seeing you succeed means we’ve succeeded.

Make a Customer, Not a Sale.

We also see many repeat customers. CLOs, GCs, and legal operations professionals that used SimpleLegal at a previous company prioritize implementing our solution when they join a new organization. We’ve become the top choice for replacing manual processes and legacy systems because our solution does what software should. It supports and streamlines your processes, eliminates manual administrative work that shouldn’t be monopolizing your time, and does so without adding any additional complexity or overhead.

Join the Many Legal Departments Switching to SimpleLegal

If SimpleLegal sounds like a solution your in-house team would be interested in switching to or adopting, reach out and schedule a demo. We’re excited to show you what a modern solution for managing invoices, matters, accruals, budgets, operations, and more really looks like.