SimpleLegal team members share their favorite product features

Lauren Lee | August 3, 2017 | Articles

At SimpleLegal, we understand (and love!) that our users are in the system on a daily basis. Because of that, it’s always been our goal to provide GCs, legal operations professionals, and in-house legal teams with the features they need to make their lives and in-house responsibilities that much easier.

While each customer might leverage one feature more than another, we wanted to take the time to share some of our team member’s personal favorites – here’s what they had to say!

Nathan Wenzel, CEO

The invoice summary is one of my favorite features because it’s a quick way to get context on how an invoice fits into the rest of a matter. One of the big advantages of having data instead of emails and PDFs is that you have easy access to the full history of a matter. After you get accustomed to having data at your fingertips, you wonder how you were effective without it.

Laura Guenther, Marketing

It’s not a feature necessarily, but one of my favorite things about SimpleLegal is the fact that the platform is highly configurable to the needs of each individual customer. During implementation, we modify each instance, only displaying the fields that are critical to the organization’s legal operations process, departmental goals, and overall business needs. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

By reducing the clutter and providing a clean UI that’s easy to navigate, our users can achieve more with fewer clicks. Technology that fits an existing process or workflow is generally a good thing! High user adoption isn’t a bad side effect either.

Dave Burke, Customer Support

My favorite feature in SimpleLegal (disclaimer: I love data) is the legal reporting and analytics. Within adhoc reporting, I can simply add what I’m looking for from a list of data items, pull in some spend totals, and set date limits or limits on specific vendors. The reports typically run in seconds and the ability to get to the underlying data so quickly and easily is a differentiator.

One thing I’m not sure everyone knows is that once you’ve built a report you find useful, you can send the URL to anyone else on your team and they can run the same report or make modifications without having to start from scratch.

Cameron Cairns, Engineering

My favorite feature of SimpleLegal is its vendor management system. I can manage my vendors’ access to SimpleLegal’s companion site CounselGO, both administrating which users have logins and which matters a vendor can see. SimpleLegal then handles keeping track of invoices submitted through CounselGO, linking spend to my matters.

Karen Moor, Sales

Everyone loves accruals, right? As a Sales Director at SimpleLegal, it’s my favorite feature to demonstrate to a prospective customer. Oftentimes, they’re currently requesting unbilled activity from their outside counsel manually, so they’re stunned by how SimpleLegal automatically handles the request.

But that’s just the beginning of my big reveal. As soon as the law firm submits their estimates, SimpleLegal stores the information. When the invoices come in, SimpleLegal compares the actuals to the estimates and calculates the delta, packaging all the information into the Accruals Accuracy Report. This, in addition to the Pending Invoice Report, is all the finance department needs at the start of every month.

We’ve taken an incredibly time-consuming task off the shoulders of the legal department, provided accurate data to the finance department, and improved the process for the law firm. This feature is always a pleasure to show because it improves the workflow for our customers and their vendors.

Steve Gruin, Implementation

One of my favorite product features of SimpleLegal is the reports. The pre-defined reports are great for viewing data by any number of variables including vendor, matter, or legal entity.  And the adhoc report functionality provides flexibility for creating quick reports for specific needs that can be leveraged by all members your team.  These reports are powerful tools that can help an organization more efficiently manage their legal spend process.

Start Building an Efficient Legal Operations Process

If you’re a current SimpleLegal customer, we hope you learned about a feature that’s already available to you so you can continue to get the most value from our solution! And for those readers who haven’t adopted a solution like SimpleLegal, these features give you all the more reason to request a demo and see how we can help you build process and efficiency for your legal operations.

Do you have a favorite feature that we didn’t mention? Share the love and let us know!