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Document Management Integration: Is It For You?

Imagine that you’re at your desk, setting up a new matter in your matter management system. You remember that you have files stored in the document management system that your company uses, and those files need to be associated with this matter to give your legal team the full picture. You sigh as you click the + button in your browser to open up a new tab, enter the URL to your document management system, login, search for the files, download them, and upload them into your matter management system. Five wasted minutes later, the files are where they should be and you move onto the next matter.

Dealing with multiple standalone systems is time consuming, counter-productive, and a dreadful aspect of the daily grind for many organizations. Considering the large amount of documents that flow in and out of legal, a disparate document management system is a common pain point shared by corporate legal departments.

When these applications become siloed, there are many business challenges that arise that can cripple performance and growth, such as wasted employee productivity and process inefficiencies. But, how can legal teams solve for this? By leveraging integrations that tightly couple document management and matter management systems together to yield tremendous benefits for the legal department.

The Benefits

Below are some of the benefits you can achieve with an integrated approach:

There are powerful reasons why you should integrate your document management with your matter management. Luckily, SimpleLegal integrates with popular document management solutions iManage and Box. If you would like more information about these integrations, or want to see them in action, schedule a demo!