Welcome to the product team

"The product manager’s role is to facilitate cross-department collaboration and balance sometimes conflicting ideas, concerns, and feedback. Trust and respect for each other’s process and difference is key to getting work done together."

Shri Iyer

VP of Product & Design

Meena Chockalingam

Sr Product Manager
Holds a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo +

Laura Pierczynski

Director of Design
Can be found roller skating in Golden Gate Park +

Evita Lobo

Product Designer
Used to be a game designer/developer +

Lola Akanbi

Senior Product Manager
Enjoys tennis and soccer +

Siddhi Kanekar

Product Designer
Loves to travel and explore different cuisines +

Laura Sneddon

Director of Product Management
Lived in college dorm that was regularly visited by Babe Ruth +

Sigmarie Soto

Senior Technical Writer
Knows how to play 8 instruments +

Dan Foster

Senior Product Manager
Has visited 25 different countries and lived in 5 of those +

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2021 Director of Professional Services
2020 Manager of Technical Services
2019 Project Manager

"SimpleLegal values my opinion and actively seeks my input and suggestions. I'm able to grow my career in a place where I feel respected as an employee."

Tal Haber

Professional Services
2021 Senior Sales Specialist
2020 Customer Success Manager
2018 Account Manager

"At SimpleLegal, I never feel like I'm simply a part of ‘some team’. I can clearly see how my individual contributions impact overall department or company success. When you feel valued as an individual, it’s easy to love where you work!"

Damian Williams

2018 Marketing Ops Manager
2017 Marketing Associate

"I have a lot of flexibility in what I get to work on and how I want to execute it. It’s fun getting to use the creative and operationally-minded sides of my brain that don’t normally work together."

Emily Lee


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