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Legal Spend Management, Matters, and Accruals.


SimpleLegal is modern Legal Spend Management, Matter Management, eBilling, and Accruals software without all the overhead of yesterday's eBilling software. 

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Spend Overview Dashboard


Get all your legal spend organized on one page. See hours, rates, and total fees by law firm, timekeeper, matter, and activity. All in one place. All with no extra work for you or your firms.

Graph of matter spend over time


No more manually tracking expenses in Excel to get reports. Fees and expenses are displayed by matter, law firm, subsidiary, and accounting code. Export data to Excel to build your own reports.

I love accruals


No more chasing down firms for unbilled time estimates at the end of the month. SimpleLegal automatically contacts your firms to provide estimates. Track response rates and accuracy. Typical customers eliminate hundreds of emails per month using the Accruals module.

Adjusted versus budget balances


Set budgets by matter to track spend on your legal efforts. No more maintaining and updating tracking spreadsheets! Save budgets and track legal expense automatically with SimpleLegal.

Invoices ready to review


Track all your invoices in one place. No more searching through emails or piles of paper.

Law Firms submit bills by email or they can directly upload invoices into SimpleLegal.

LEDES® format invoices are automatically uploaded to your dashboard. PDF invoices are OCR'd within 24 hours.

Commenting on a line item


Search, sort, and filter line items in an invoice or across multiple invoices.

Fix incorrectly billed time. Reassign line items to the correct matters, legal entities, and cost codes.

Adjust billed amounts that don't conform to your legal billing guidelines. Save adjustments with comments that you can send to your law firm.

Invoice adjustment summary

Get invoices Paid Faster

Push your approved invoices into your accounting software for payment through your normal A/P process.

No more tracking down missing invoices and payments.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees.

Need more? Our Enterprise Plans include dedicated environments, single-tenant databases and your corporate branding.

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SimpleLegal solves a problem that every company has to deal with: the difficulty of understanding legal bills.



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Our latest GCRC Interview is the first in our series about startups in the legal market. The interest in legal tech and innovation is huge at the moment as VCs look to seize the moment amid the shifting legal climate.


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Their core value propositions are: (1) increased clarity in legal spend and (2) increased efficiency in payment processing. The solution’s deployment features (the focus on cloud delivery and usability) are what stand out.

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