Vendor management

Data & collaboration strengthen your vendor management

Get a clear picture of what your vendors are working on. Plus, the right data to initiate more productive, fact-driven conversations around what constitutes success.

"The process we’ve put in place with SimpleLegal doesn’t just help Instacart, it makes our external vendors happy and lets them focus on the bread and butter of the services they’re providing for us."

Veronica Yu, Senior Manager, Legal Operations

"I bill electronically on over a dozen different websites and CounselGO has to be one of the most user-friendly ones I’ve ever worked on."

Debra Duddy, Billing Coordinator

"We saw a much higher response rate to requests for unbilled estimates from our law firms, and we face fewer surprises and adjustments at month and year end."

Jia Hua Juszczak, Senior Accountant

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Objectively evaluate vendors

Collect and evaluate feedback on vendors to quickly understand performance and know which consistently meet expectations.

Set the right expectations

Initiate data-driven conversations with your vendors when issues are identified and align on what success means.

Find success & replicate

Staff matters and reallocate work to vendors that have demonstrated a proven ability to deliver work on time, within budget, and with the best outcomes.

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Simplify the way you work

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