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Find out how much you can save with SimpleLegal in 2 easy steps.

Step 1

Let's start with annual legal spend.

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Step 2

Now let's dial in the savings that are specific to your legal department.

Spend Management Benefits (Optional)

The below percentages are based on SimpleLegal customer and industry data, but can be adjusted based on your specific legal department.

Timekeeper rate enforcement:

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Billing guidelines enforcement:

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Legal ops productivity increase:

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Invoice workflow automation:

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Matter staffing insights:

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Step 3

These are some big savings! How about we schedule some time to talk?

Potential Savings & Benefits in Year 1*


Implementing SimpleLegal yields meaningful financial savings, but will also provide your legal department with:

  • A system of record for spend, matter, and vendor data
  • Strategic data-based decision making
  • Greater cross-functional collaboration
  • Ability to uplevel the profile of the legal department

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