What is Legal Operations Management?

Legal Operations Management (LOM) is a term that refers to the practices and strategies that in-house legal departments use to effectively manage finances, matters, vendors, and knowledge. The goal of Legal Operations Management is to empower legal departments to emerge not only as trusted legal advisers but exceptional business leaders.
With increased demand for legal departments to operate as sound business units, a robust Legal Operations Management platform is essential for legal to meet this expectation. A modern and easy-to-use platform, like SimpleLegal, gives in-house legal departments the ability to align with and enforce their organization’s standard operating procedures and evolving business processes, all while managing the overall health of their department.

Enterprise Legal Management vs Legal Operations Management: What's the Difference?

Simply put, Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) helps you manage legal activity at the matter-level. Legal Operations Management is more encompassing and is critical to how you run and manage the entire legal department.
Legal Operations Management
The shift from Enterprise Legal Management to Legal Operations Management is a natural progression. ELM’s origins trace back to litigation and insurance industries, which were heavily focused on e-Billing. A matter was the only way to capture spend and bucket those dollars into categories. Since then, the corporate legal landscape has evolved. It’s no longer acceptable to only execute legal initiatives – corporate legal teams must be business partners who are always thinking about how their work fits into larger company initiatives. It’s about looking beyond the matter and elevating general counsel to be true business leaders within the organization.

The SimpleLegal Legal Operations Management Platform

The flexibility and richness of our features place SimpleLegal above other solutions. As the world’s first true Legal Operations Management Platform, each one of our features is thoughtfully engineered with the end-user experience in mind to maximize ease of use and simplicity. Our platform provides legal teams with the ability to easily set and enforce controls that are unique to their business, enabling process efficiencies to save time and lower legal spend.

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