Integrate SimpleLegal with the tools you rely on

Securely connect SimpleLegal with tools from AP/ERP systems to IP management software. Save precious time, eliminate unnecessary data entry, and keep data in sync.

Scalable for the future

Unlock the true potential of your legal ops by removing data silos and future-proofing processes. Streamline business processes today and stay ready for tomorrow.

Primed for collaboration

Share the wealth of knowledge in legal data with other business units like Finance to reduce surprises and adjustments at month and year end.

Ready for now

We support multiple methods of integration, from flat-file to API. We'll assign an expert to work with you on an integration to provide guidance and help you make an impact faster.

Pre-built options

Leverage pre-built legal technology integrations with commonly used applications, including leading finance systems, time tracking software, document and IP management solutions, and more. These integrations are seamless, eliminate duplicate data entry, and streamline processes for increased productivity.

Endless opportunities

SimpleLegal’s powerful API makes the possibilities for integration almost endless. Custom integrations via our API can be easily configured with the help of internal IT, a third-party vendor, or our SimpleLegal services team. Check out our API Documentation to learn more.

Simplify the way you work

Learn and maximize the value of legal tech with our customized evaluation, guided by legal ops advisers.

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