In-House Matter Management Software

In-House Matter Management Software keeps corporate legal departments organized and reduces time spent searching for information

In-House Matter Management software tracks matters you manage internally as well as matters referred out to your firms. By keeping matter data and documents centralized in one place, it's easier to find the information you need. 

Corporate matter management software streamlines your processes and provides:

Fast and easy matter creation
Budgets to track legal spend
Reporting on all matter data
Centralized matter status updates

With modern legal matter management software from SimpleLegal, gone are the days of:

  • Searching through emails and filing cabinets for information
  • Time-consuming administration and matter setup
  • Chasing down attorneys for matter status updates
  • Clunky software and filling out endless forms full of unnecessary codes

SimpleLegal's matter management solution means you have an always-on, always-available platform that centralizes your workflows and matter data.

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"Implementing SimpleLegal took days, not months, and had immediate cost savings for us. It was by far the easiest decision I made in my first few months as general counsel."