Your Trusted Legal Operations Platform

Dive into your invoice line by line

Use the SimpleLegal legal operations platform to automatically route invoices, adjust line items, and enforce billing guidelines for efficient spend management. See which timekeepers are billing legal time, the matter being worked, the rate for every line item, and so much more.

Your system of record for all legal matters

By centralizing all the details related to your matters, we help simplify the way your corporate legal team completes their day-to-day tasks. Manage your events, files, and vendors, track matter status plus any other custom attributes, set budgets, and more.

Make data driven decisions with legal analytics

Easily extract all the data your corporate legal department needs to make informed decisions with reports custom to your business goals. Filter reports by total spend, top practice areas, expense by matter, and more to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Be confident in accruals

With automated accruals, you don't have to send any more emails to collect unbilled estimates from your vendors. Know that expenses are being recognized when incurred, stay within budget, and make sure there are never any surprises for your finance team with our accruals vs. actuals report.

Access SimpleLegal on the go

Use SimpleLegal on any device. A mobile-friendly experience gives you the information you need while you're away from your computer. Send and approve invoices, run reports, and manage your account while you're on the go.
"SimpleLegal helped me identify a firm that was grossly overcharging for comparable work. I used the data to negotiate a new rate. We saved $100k right there."

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