Financial Management

Intelligent Invoice Workflow

Transform the time consuming, manual effort of managing invoices into an efficient and streamlined process with:

Automatic Invoice & Approval Routing

Use invoice rules to route invoices to the right person at the right time. Users will receive a notification when it's their turn to review. Never manually assign or approve invoices again.

Billing Guideline & Alternative Fee Arrangement Enforcement

Automatically enforce your billing guidelines when invoices are submitted and have the options to flag, adjust, and reject violations.

Invoice or Line-Item Adjustment

Does something on your invoice look incorrect. Adjust individual line items, and either approve an adjusted invoice or send it back to your law firm for review.

Automated Accruals

SimpleLegal automatically contacts and collects unbilled estimates from your law firms and consolidates that information in an accruals vs. actuals report for even more visibility into your legal spend. Keep track of which vendors are submitting on time and estimating correctly.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Set budgets by month, life of matter, phase, or any custom attribute. You'll see a real time view of your legal expenses against budget in one simple view so there are no financial surprises at the end of the month.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain access to the valuable information hidden within your invoices and get a comprehensive view of your legal spend, operations, and outside counsel performance. From top level summaries to dynamic dashboards to advanced reports, you'll have everything you need in one solution and won't have to connect to a third-party tool.
"SimpleLegal's platform is super user friendly and intuitive. Previously, had been processing itemized invoices from 50+ legal vendors, manually breaking out and tracking billing amounts by matter. Wth SimpleLegal, I occasionally update my matter list – and the rest of the work's done for me."
See how easy e-Billing and Spend Management can be.
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