Reporting & Legal Data Analytics

A home for all your legal data

Gain access to the valuable information hidden in your invoices and get a comprehensive view of your legal spend, operations, and outside counsel performance without needing a third-party tool.

Top Level Summaries

At a glance, know key information about your invoices including total expenses, fees, discounts, and more.

Dynamic Dashboards

SimpleLegal presents a wealth of data in organized and easy-to-understand dashboards, complete with graphical representations for even more clarity.

Ad-Hoc and Custom Reports

Break down reports by matter, matter group, month, billing attorney, and firm, or generate reports based on the custom attributes most important to your business.

Grow your team strategically

Accurately assess efficiency and work quality with data points like which timekeepers worked on what matters, for how long, and at what rate. Identifying gaps in outside counsel work, combined with knowing your team's strengths, helps to expand your team in the right way at the right time.

Make data-driven decisions

A system of record storing all your legal data gives you access to any piece of information related to your legal spend, whether you're looking for a quick summary of total expenses or to drill deeper into your invoices. Use data to identify spend trends, assess risk, and validate your overall legal strategy.

Strengthen relationships with outside counsel

Hard data gives legal the ability to negotiate rates and discounts, but it also creates the opportunity to talk through identified issues. Providing direction to your outside counsel not only makes their jobs easier, but ensures you get the most value from each vendor you're working with.
"SimpleLegal's metrics are AMAZING! With a few clicks of a button, I am able to generate charts and graphs for my general counsel and executive team. No more time is spent building graphs in Excel."
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