Automate Your Legal Accruals Process

Automatically collect unbilled estimates

Let SimpleLegal manage your accruals with an automated process that contacts vendors and collects unbilled estimates on time. Prevent estimates from being submitted weeks, or even months, after work's performed.

Easily track estimates against actuals

Using the information collected from your outside vendors, SimpleLegal generates an estimates vs. actuals report in real time. Get clear visibility into your legal spend without building custom reports or scrambling to pull numbers together from multiple sources.

Make your finance department happy

SimpleLegal strengthens the relationship between legal and finance, creating a streamlined and automated workflow for enhanced information share and collaboration. Share reports, legal analytics, and accruals information with your finance team and know that everyone's looking at reliable data from a single source.

Better manage outside counsel

Armed with reliable accruals data, your corporate legal department is able to have honest conversations with law firms around performance and efficiency. See the status of work that's being done, intervene as soon as work exceeds spend expectations, and make sure you're getting the most value from your vendors.
"Providing monthly and quarterly accruals for my AP team is a breeze. Wth a few clicks of a button, I am able to provide my AP team a full CSV file with all of the information they need."

Start saving valuable time with automated accruals.
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